How to make pregnant and lactating women always healthy


How to make pregnant and lactating mothers always healthy

Pregnancy and lactation are the most memorable periods for every mother. These are the time when there are many physiological and psychological changes. Without a diet and special care, mothers will encounter obstacles, affecting the baby. The most important question for this stage is how to make pregnant women and nursing mothers always have good health and the highest immunity?

Understanding more about a mother’s body

Few people know that, during pregnancy, women's bodies change markedly. Women's normal energy needs are only 2200 kcal/day, while those of pregnant women increase by about 360 kcal/day (the first 3 months), 75 kcal/day (7 months later) and 550 Kcal/day (in breastfeeding period); and the need for a range of other nutrients also grows. Therefore, to support the development of the child and the health of the mother, we need a reasonable diet to meet the rising demand during this period.

The pregnancy period is very important; the mother needs to pay attention to the health of her body

According to health experts, if a pregnant mother does not focus on her health during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the development of the baby will be seriously affected.

More than 80% of children suffer from rickets and malnutrition because their mothers do not pay attention to proper nutrition during pregnancy. Many studies show that, with normal diets, it can help mothers to have enough energy but cannot ensure enough essential nutrients, especially Calcium if not properly supplemented with milk.

That means, all pregnant mothers need to choose the right dairy product for themselves because the time of pregnancy is the golden stage for babies to develop their brain and strengthen their immunity before birth. Thus, mothers can prevent the risk of malformations and serious consequences from lack of nutrients.

To make the mother healthy and the baby intelligent, we need a special nutritional regime during pregnancy and lactation.

Quality nutritional products from the US

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, one of the most important factors for pregnant women is to drink good milk. Understanding the desire of pregnant mothers regarding the source of safe and quality nutrition, the quality of Dr.Luxia Mum of US Cali was born.

Dr.Luxia Mum is a special milk for mothers during pregnancy and lactation. If using Dr.Luxia Mum from the US, the mother will have a healthy pregnancy period, supporting her physical and comprehensive brain development, to meet the international nutrition standards given.

Dr.Luxia Mum understands that during the pregnancy and lactation period, the most important thing for mothers is to have adequate nutrition. With a especially formulated Procare Mum formula, this product has been launched to provide essential nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Vitamins and Minerals. Thus, pregnant and postpartum mothers can have extremely good immunity, preventing anemia from occurring. Not to mention, mothers' bones, digestive system and teeth are also best supported.

With Dr.Luxia Mum – The journey of motherhood becomes easier for women.

In particular, Dr.Luxia Mum also provides twice the amount of DHA, meeting the standards of the WHO / FAO. Therefore, children are supported to develop their brain and vision in the most comprehensive way from the very beginning of their life, to help them have a full beginning and an ideal life journey.

Every day, mothers only need to drink 2 glasses of milk to 100% meet the need for Folic Acid, reducing the risk of neural tube defects in children. Thus, children are born healthy, having good immunity and being supported for comprehensive development.

With a special nutritional ingredient, Dr.Luxia Mum enhances the composition of Synbiotics and Procare Mum to support the beneficial bacteria, which helps prevent constipation.

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