How to provide nutrition to pregnant women and after childbirth is considered one of the "tough" problems for many people. In fact there are countless types of milk for pregnant and postpartum mothers.

On which standard does the American pregnant mother choose?

Compared to developed countries, America is the leading country in economic growth with high quality of life. Therefore, special nutrition standards, especially for pregnant

Americans care much about their physical and mental development. Because of this, pregnant mothers and postpartum maintain an extremely scientific life which always focus on exercises to strengthen resistance. Not to mention, one of the factors that Americans are particularly interested in is using quality milk to provide essential nutrition for both mother and baby.

Focusing on nutrition for mothers during pregnancy will help their babies develop comprehensively and effectively

The nutrition of pregnant mothers in the United States has always been paid special attention.

If Vietnamese pregnant mothers pay much attention to the cost of buying milk, Americans use milk based on important criteria such as:

+Choose safe milk produced by quality companies with high reputation in the market

+Dairy products must fully meet the nutritional components for mothers and babies

+Search for milk supply which can strengthen mother's resistance and energy

The pregnant mothers in the US are considered as strict consumers. Therefore, the US dairy products always comply and meet all customer requirements to become quality brands with high competitiveness.

Dr.Luxia Mum Milk - American Quality - Vietnamese prices

Pregnant milk plays an important role in the development of the fetus, especially in the first 3 months. If the mother's nutrition is not enough, to supply, the fetus will reduce the resistance that increases the risk of congenital disease. Therefore, in this period, the selection of a quality milk line is extremely important and necessary for the mother's supreme role.

Therefore, the Milk line Dr.Luxia Mum has been born and become an outstanding nutritional product for women all over the world. Dr.Luxia Mum milk is produced by US Cali Company with numerous outstanding uses.

Thanks to its formulated nutritional formula, the Dr.Luxia Mum product line of the US Cali company is a comprehensive health and nutrition solution for pregnant and postpartum mothers.

First, Dr.Luxia Mum milk provides plenty of calcium, iron, vitamins, folic acid, and zinc to help supplement essential nutrients and create red blood cells and reduce the risk of anemia and also support bone formation for mothers... Since then, the pregnancy and parenting journey of mother have become really easy and more convenient.

Dr.Luxia Mum milk helps pregnant mothers prevent more than 80% of the risk of congenital diseases.

Americans pay great attention to their brain development. As a result, dairy products from the US, typically Dr.Luxia Mum, have advocated double DHA enhancement to meet WHO standards with the aim to support the child's brain and visual development. Since then, the baby will nurture a comprehensive mind since the period of fetus because this is considered as one of the best solutions to support the babies.

The problem especially focused on the use of pregnant milk by mothers in the United States is how it works. Therefore, the Dr.Luxia Mum milk line meets the quality standards by enhancing Folic Acid supplementation to prevent the risk of congenital diseases in babies. Therefore, more than 80% of babies born in the United States have good health quality and say no to congenital diseases, this number is much better compared to that in Vietnam.

In particular, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, mothers often face constipation, which seriously affects their health. Understanding this, the Dr.Luxia Mum milk line of the US Cali Company has advocated strengthening Synbiotics and Procare Mum to stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and support healthy digestion and prevent effective constipation.

A close sight of the quality Dr.Luxia Mum dairy products from US Cali Company

Not only for pregnant women, Dr.Luxia Mum milk also supports postpartum mothers to improve their resistancea nd support the lack of essential nutrients for the comprehensive development of the fetus and babies.

It is known that Dr.Luxia Mum milk of US Cali Company is manufactured at the factory to ensure compliance with ABS - QE quality standards of the United States. Since then, this product is well appreciated for the quality and nutritions.

We all know that American women have extremely high nutritional standards during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, they selected Dr.Luxia Mum product line from US Cali Company to help their mother's journey favorable and best.

Dr.Luxia Mum is the "golden product" to help Vietnamese pregnant mothers nurture the thriving fetus and ensure the best health for mothers in the most sacred journey of life that is - Motherhood.

Dr.Luxia Mum is especially for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers that supports the fetus to develop healthy and supplement essential nutrients. At the same time, the product supports digestion and prevents constipation.

US Cali commits to bring prestigious and quality Dr.Luxia Mum milk products to the Vietnamese and people in many other countries in the world, so people can feel secure to use. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about this dairy product, you can consult it directly at or visit US Cali Nutrition Corporation directly at Building H3, 3rd Floor, No.384 Hoang Dieu, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City or call the operator: (028) 38 25 37 37 to be consulted and exchanged by nutrition experts.
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