Tips for moms on the golden solution to remedying anorexia in children


Anorexia is a "common disease" of children, which is also a primary concern for parents. If there is no timely solution, anorexia will cause bad consequences to children’s health and intelligence.

Negative impacts of anorexia on children

Nutrition experts say there are many causes of anorexia. Accordingly, one of the important factors is that children are not interested in the current diet. Not to mention, do not exclude the case of children with asthenia and inability to absorb nutrition.

Anorexia in children – The dilemma of parents

Regardless of the cause, the lack of appetite is of interest and is the top concern for parents. It is known that more than 80% of Vietnamese children suffer from anorexia, which is a problem that needs to be overcome quickly because – meanwhile anorexia is not a disease – it is the cause of serious consequences.

Prolonged anorexia adversely affects health, causing malnutrition, rickets, and retardation in children. Anorexia makes the immune system weak, causing children to be more susceptible to infections and low immunity. Anorexia often makes children unable to develop comprehensively. Compared to friends of the same age, anorexic children are more physically and mentally retarded.

More than anyone else, parents need to understand the state of their children and apply appropriate solutions to quickly repel anorexia, supporting their babies to develop effectively.

Dr.Luxia Pedia - Golden solution to help children eat well

Understand the worries of parents about the problem of anorexia, growth retardation, effects on health and the immune system. US Cali Company has brought forth Dr.Luxia Pedia with "exceptional" and superior nutrition.

Thanks to the improved Procare Pedia Formula, Dr.Luxia Pedia enhances important nutrients such as Lysine, Zinc, and B Vitamins with the effect of stimulating a baby's appetite, making it easier to digest.

The close-up picture of Dr.Luxia Pedia

The energy boost combining with Dr.Luxia Pedia's Protein and Fat help gain weight effectively. As a result, children can have a superior physique, meeting the standards given.

Dr.Luxia Pedia milk line is trusted by mothers because of its ability to stimulate appetite and comprehensive development of children. In addition, this product also works to provide Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D with the effect of enhancing Calcium absorption in children, supporting children to develop height.

Not only that, the purpose of US Cali Company when it comes to Dr.Luxia Pedia is not only to help stimulate appetite but also to support optimal brain and vision development by providing DHA, Choline, LA, and ALA. Therefore, children can have good memory and higher cognitive abilities than their peers.

On top of that, children using Dr.Luxia Pedia milk every day will enhance essential nutrients, ensure an optimal immune system, and resist diseases and risks of common infections.

In addition to the excellent solutions mentioned above, the appearance of Dr.Luxia Pedia helps children have a good digestive system. In particular, the product offers more Prebiotic and Probiotic Bifidobacterium Lactic, which are important components to create a favorable environment for the body to develop beneficial bacteria and inhibit harmful bacteria. Thus, nutrients are easily absorbed, preventing constipation.

Thanks to Dr. Luxia Pedia, worries about anorexia, retardation, and malnourishment in children have been completely eased. This is the perfect solution that all parents in the world need to consider and choose.

With a closed production process and product standards according to ABS-QE US, Dr.Luxia Pedia brings great effects for children; the product is applied to children over one year old.

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