Things to know about milk enhancing height and brain development for children


As parents, all of us want our children to grow up to be a tall, intelligent, and healthy person. At present, there are many children higher than their parents in childhood, which is a very encouraging sign. However, there is still a significant proportion of children with stunting and retardation both physical and intellectual. So, this is the ideal time for parents to learn about milk helping to boost height and improve the brain to ensure their children to be as developed as their peers. The following article will be the information you need to know about milk enhancing height and brain development in children.

Relatively high percentage of Vietnamese children with limited height today

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Vietnam’s National Institute of Nutrition, the rate of Vietnamese children under 5 years old that are shorter than standards has been relatively high – at 23.8%, depending on areas and regions. Meanwhile, it is only 2.1% in the US, 7.1% in Japan, and only 2.5% in Korea (*). Thus, Vietnamese children are at risk of being short compared to those across the world. If the parents do not make every day efforts to improve their children's diet, it is feared that a future generation will inevitably fall behind and lose to international friends.

Which factors help improve children's height and brain development

According to many old concepts, it is still believed that genes are the decisive factor to the stature, physical conditions and intelligence in young children. However, according to statistical studies in the US, the height and intelligence of children maximized by nutritional factors account for 32%. And milk is one of the drinks that helps supplement babies with essential nutrients to improve their overall development.

Nonetheless, there is no miracle for your child to increase height only after a few days of drinking milk. Therefore, to increase height and intellectual perfection in children is a long-term process of supplementing nutrition that both parents and children must work hard to achieve.

SMilk helps children improve height and brain development

Milk contains essential minerals, vitamins A and D, Calcium, etc., helping to develop bones for your baby to keep up with the height growth according to the right age; the substances that are DHA and ARA help children to be more intelligent. In addition, parents need to balance their children’s daily diets through meals and encourage them to play sports and their mobility to develop height and IQ.

Nutritional ingredients in milk help increase height and brain development.

Calcium and vitamin D

Calcium is an important and essential mineral that helps develop strong skeletal systems, promoting height increase in young children. Calcium is abundant in milk, and children aged 1 to 3 need 500 mg of Calcium every day to ensure that they do not suffer from rickets, soft bones, or sometimes Calcium deficiency and muscle weakness.

Children need vitamin D supplement to help the body absorb Calcium easily, supporting and promoting the development of bones and teeth in children.


DHA is important for the development and improvement of brain functions, especially in the early life of children. Therefore, young children need to be fully supplemented with the needed amount of DHA to support brain development and enhance memory and learning ability.

American children consume an average of 30 mg to 50 mg of DHA daily by taking supplemental milk and eating DHA-rich foods. Therefore, children in Vietnam also need to be provided with an adequate amount of DHA-containing milk to improve brain and increase IQ.

Protein, Vitamins, and Fiber

Protein, Vitamins and Fiber play a role in enhancing appetite in children, supporting energy metabolism and absorbing essential nutrients to help children eat well, have a healthy digestive system, increase immunity, gain weight reasonably and have a comprehensive development.

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Children from birth all receive full care and love of their parents. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the daily nutritional food in the meal, parents do not forget to add milk as a source of abundant nutrition for children to grow taller, healthier and smarter. Hopefully, the above information will help parents understand more about milk height and brain development in children to bring the best for their beloved children.

(*) According to statistics at: and

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