The smart parenting secret of americans


In today's era of development, parents are always concerned about whether their children are smart enough and will find all methods to develop their brain comprehensively right from birth. Therefore, America's smart child-rearing can now become the guideline of some young Vietnamese mothers.

Important stages for children to develop their brain

The brain is the most important and complex organ; it is like a machine that controls all human activities and behaviors. Therefore, for children's brain to develop comprehensively, parents need to learn carefully and selectively to apply appropriate methods through each stage of children’s development.

Fetal stage

Scientists in the US have shown that the fetal stage from the 5th week onwards is when the brain has begun to form, and at the 8th week, the brain will begin to develop. This is the time when the fetus can feel the signals from the mother. And at the end of pregnancy when the brain has wrinkles appear, the fetus has felt everything outside through the mother in a primitive way. Therefore, this is an important period that parents need to be mindful of if they want their children to be intelligent and to develop comprehensive intelligence.

From 0 to 2 years old

In the early years, children’s brains are developing very fast, especially from 0 to 2 years old, which is a very important period for children to perfect their brains. At 2 years old, children’s brain has accounted for 80% of the adult brain’s weight. This is a premise for children to increase their ability to perceive thinking and learn for the next stages. During this period, parents need to interact with their children more such as playing with children, chatting or reading poetry, singing, etc. Besides, it is necessary to supplement necessary nutrients from milk or nutritious foods to nourish the brain for it to develop the most comprehensively.

Adequate supplementation of nutrients during the “golden” stage helps children develop their brain comprehensively.

From 2 to 6 years old

This is the period when the brain develops more slowly because the brain’s structure at this stage is almost complete. However, that does not mean that parents should ignore the essential nutrients that focus on children's intelligence and brain development.

Thus, we can see that the fetal stage and the period of newborns from 0 to 2 years old are the 'golden' periods when parents can improve the brain of children for them to be smart and to develop comprehensively.

The smart parenting secret of Americans

Children in the US are often very intelligent, confident and healthy because their parents always know how to take care of their children in a scientific and proper way. One of them is: a proper nutrition regime, supplementing necessary substance groups such as DHA, Protein, vitamins and minerals or focusing on outdoor physical activities.

Nutrition Regime

Scientists in the US have shown a close relationship between daily nutrition and the brain. Young children need a reasonable diet because the brain always requires a huge amount of energy and nutrients to grow, since early childhood is the stage where the brain needs to be improved the most. A reasonable and diverse diet which is full of DHA, ARA, Protein, vitamins and minerals helps improve the brain in young children.

Provide an adequate nutrition regime to help children be more intelligence


DHA is one of three important fatty acids of the Omega - 3 group, which directly affects brain development and intelligence in children.

DHA accounts for ¼ of the total 60% of the fat that constitutes the brain; in addition, DHA accounts for 93% of Omega - 3 acid in the retina and is an important factor that helps the cardiovascular system to be healthy and to function well.

Children in early childhood need to replenish DHA every day because the lack of it affects their ability to perceive, memorize or handle their behaviors.

Because the body is unable to synthesize DHA, it is necessary to have supplementation from outside foods such as some kinds of algae, salmon, herring, mackerel, fish oil, chicken or egg yolk, supplement milk, etc.

Protein (Protein)

Protein is the building block for tissue cells and many other organs in the brain. When fully provided with protein, the body will have easy digestion, increase immunity in the intestine, prevent the risk of obesity in young children, or easily absorb nutrients. Supplement protein for children by regularly eating meat, fish, chicken, shrimp, beans, etc.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals help babies grow and develop comprehensively. Vitamins A and D, B vitamins, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. will help develop height, have healthy bones, have a good vision, perfect the brain, and increase immunity to avoid diseases.

Physical activity

Brain health is associated with the health of the rest of the body; if the brain is healthy, the whole body is healthy. Studies say that regular activity helps children improve their cognitive abilities and enhance their memory. So, parents should train their children in different positions from a young age so that they can develop strength in muscles and other parts of the body. Parents should encourage their children to participate in outdoor sports activities so that they can be fully developed and experience the best things.

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