In america, which solution to help children get rid of malnutrition and stunting?


Malnutrition in children is common during the period of 12-24 months. This is the period when children have high nutritional needs; children are learning to adapt to the environment and are very sensitive to diseases. So for mothers in the US, which solution do they have to help children get rid of malnutrition and stunting?

Causes of malnutrition

Malnutrition is a lack of essential nutrients for a child's body, thereby affecting the process of living and the normal operation and development of the body. Malnutrition occurs when the diet does not contain enough nutrients or when the body has problems absorbing nutrients from food. There are many other causes that can occur in young children with different stages.

For premature babies, the likelihood of malnutrition is higher than for full-term babies. Moreover, malnutrition is also common with children younger than 4 months of age – who are not fully breastfed and eat early. In addition, food not fitting the child's taste and not eating a variety of different food groups are also those of the causes of malnutrition.

Food not fitting the child’s taste makes him/her anorexic and also worsens malnutrition and stunting.

For children who often suffer from diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhea, etc., they have to use medicine to kill pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, this will kill the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, reduce the fermentation of food, and lead to poor absorption of nutrients and anorexia. That is also the cause of malnutrition. In addition, children experience psychological problems when families force-feed their children too much, making them more likely to develop fear and long-term psychological problems. Finally, it leads to malnutrition and rickets.

Signs of malnourished children

The signs of malnourishment in children are usually no weight gains and lower weight compared to that of their body at 3 - 6 months

Signs of weight loss in malnourished and stunted children

In addition, changes in behavior also arise such as fussing, playing less, a slower body, softened muscles of limbs, and an enlarged stomach. In particular, the most visible sign is when children have mobility retardation such as being slow at sitting, crawling and walking.

Consequences of malnourishment

Malnourished children are susceptible to respiratory and intestinal infections. What mothers care about the most is that their children are slow to develop both physically and mentally. Malnutrition causes reduction in organ development.

Nutritional deficiencies directly affect all the systems of the body, reducing the development process including that of the musculoskeletal system. From that, it directly affects the height and stature of children. In addition, children with malnutrition and stunting are at high risk of being attacked continuously by infections. There is even the possibility of dying from serious diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia, measles, etc.

Malnourished children are shorter than those of the same age

Children with malnutrition and stunting tend to change behaviors such as being indifferent, fussy, and not interested in participating in fun activities and exploring life. This not only limits the interaction of children but also makes them lose their ability to learn. When children are hindered in cognitive development, poor stature will seriously affect their ability to work later.

Preventing malnutrition in young children

Have a proper diet to help children gain weight healthily. Feed your child at 6 months of age and eat 4 main food groups such as starch, sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Do not abuse antibiotics when treating a child; only use a full dose of antibiotics when allowed by the doctor.

The most special thing to help children with malnutrition to develop healthily is to supplement children with high-energy dairy products. And in the US, mothers are very confident in using the high-class Dr.Luxia Milk with Dr.Luxia Gain + products exclusively for malnourished and stunted children to help them develop in a healthy way.

High-end milk line Dr.Luxia Gain+ helps malnourished and stunted children to develop healthily

The rate of malnutrition and stunting in Vietnam is quite high. About 1 in 4 children is malnourished and stunted. On that basis, with the desire to improve health as well as this situation in children, Dr.Luxia Gain + was born. Along with the advanced formula Procare Gain + rich in energy, fast-metabolized fat MCT and reasonable Calcium and Phosphorus ratio, it helps children to catch up with their growth momentum. In addition, in its composition, there is a combination of special nutrients that support digestion, prevent constipation, enhance immunity, and develop brain and vision for children.

Vietnamese consumers can be assured of the quality of Dr.Luxia Gain + because the product is manufactured at factories which are quality-guaranteed by ABS-QE USA. When children use this formula, it will help them improve their weight, increase their height, and develop in a healthy way. Thus, children will have better immunity, a better appetite, and better nutrient absorption. In particular, with DHA, Choline, Taurine, LA, and ALA, it helps children develop brain and vision. What kids are so lazy to add to their meals is fiber; this product has a high level of soluble fiber FOS / Inulin that helps children maintain normal digestive system and prevent common constipation.

With the desire to improve the health and nutritional state of children, Dr.Luxia Gain + was born with the advanced formula Procare Gain + rich in energy, fast-metabolized fat to help children keep up with their growth momentum. In addition, the combination of special nutrients in the milk helps to support digestion, prevent constipation, enhance immunity, and develop brain in children.

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