How do americans cure anorexia in children?


Compared to those in the United States, Vietnamese children are small and malnourished, and suffer from rickets. The reason for this is due to anorexia. The primary concern of Vietnamese parents is nutrition, the secret to make children eat well and the enhancement of necessary nutrients for their children.

Do American children have anorexia?

Mothers in the United States focus on nutrition for their children right from the start, using high-quality and safe products to provide essential nutrients for their babies. American mothers aim for a meal that is nutritious enough rather than concentrate on quantity in order to avoid forcing children to overeat, which leads to fear of eating and causes long-term psychological anorexia.

Focusing on the comprehensive development of their children is what American parents want to aim for

Americans focus on providing children with many vitamins, minerals, and adequate nutrition right from the early days. The comprehensive development of children is focused on. Nutritional products and types of milk in the US not only ensure quality but also are committed to high efficiency and safety.

The secret of good health and intelligence of American children

Experts on food have studied that providing Lysine, B Vitamins, and Zinc helps stimulate appetite in children and helps them eat well. In addition, for children to eat more, parents need to encourage children to be active both physically and mentally. More circulating blood in the body will release more energy, helping the body "know how to" absorb energy from meals.

Eating enough nutrients should be more focused than eating more. Every day the body needs to absorb a variety of nutrients, not a certain bigger amount of food. Vietnamese parents often force their children to eat a lot of starch such as rice and noodles and concentrate on Protein-rich foods such as seafood, meat, crab, fish, etc., but ignore vegetables and fruits very rich in nutrients. This makes children have a both lacking and redundant source of nutrients.

Products for Vietnamese children's physical condition

Understanding the wishes of Vietnamese customers, Dr.Luxia Pedia Milk Series of the high-end company US Cali was born. This is a practical supplement to children's daily meals. It provides the nutrients that your child's body needs and stimulates your child's appetite to eat better. At the same time, the product contains easily-absorbed nutrients to support children to gain weight, increase height, develop brain, etc.

Dr. Luxia Pedia provides a lot of Lysine, B Vitamins, and Zinc. Thus, children will have an appetite and eat more, and nutrition is provided in the most complete way.

Anorexia and inability to absorb nutrition cause a small physique, rickets and retardation, etc.

With an abundant amount of Protein and Fat combined with Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D3, Dr. Luxia Pedia helps children develop a superior physique and strengthens the health of the body. Thanks to the components that are DHA, Choline, LA, ALA, etc., children’s vision and brain are stimulated, which supports development. Children will be smarter and self-consciously discover the world according to their own feelings. It protects as well as keeps the body healthy and strengthens optimal immunity because of the ingredients that are Vitamin A, E and C, Zinc, Selene, etc., helping children cope with emerging bacterial diseases and ensuring sustainable health.

The appearance of Dr.Luxia Pedia of US Cali Company has solved the problems of Vietnamese children which are anorexia and inability to absorb nutrients leading to a small body, rickets, retardation, etc.

Dr.Luxia Pedia – for children over one year old – helps children eat well and absorb nutrition easily.

US Cali Company is a reputable brand that provides comprehensive nutrition solutions for all ages. Dr.Luxia Pedia Milk Line, which is one of the outstanding products to help children in the US to develop comprehensively, now has been available worldwide.

Thanks to Dr.Luxia Pedia, the physical gap between Vietnamese children and American ones will be shortened effectively. This is the important parenting secret that parents should apply.

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