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Dr.Luxia Bone is a specialized formula milk line that is produced modernly according to the quality standards of ABS – QE (United States) by a team of leading nutrition experts, ensuring to meet diverse nutritional and health needs for adults in Vietnam.

Dr.Luxia Bone as well as all of US Cali product lines is thoroughly researched and undergone a rigorous process with high technology. The flavor of the milk is very easy to drink, not too sweet, perfectly suited to Vietnamese tastes. However, in order to better understand adult milk, below, we will share with you some questions about the supplementation of adult milk that not everyone knows.

Do healthy young people need to drink milk?

People of all ages need to drink milk, but not everyone understands this correctly

Until now, most people in our country only care about using milk for young children but forget about supplementing adults and middle-aged people. So, do young adults need to drink milk?

The answer is: YES because:

Milk is a food that provides most of the essential nutrients for the body including Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, B2 and PP, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magne, etc. Studies have shown that not only regular daily use of milk for adults helps improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis, but regularly consumption of dairy products can also reduce risks of colon cancer and low blood pressure, and fight the development of type2 diabetes.

Milk plays an important role in providing essential nutrients for the body

Therefore, the daily diet needs to supplement milk, and dairy products are high-nutritional-value foods whose ingredients are full of Protein, Fat, Sugar, Vitamins and Minerals, etc. with a balanced and easily-absorbing rate.

Specifically, according to the recommendations on the use of milk and dairy products for Vietnamese people:

Adults (aged 20 - 49): It is recommended to use 3 units of milk and dairy products per day; each unit is equivalent to 15g of cheese (1 piece of cheese) or 100ml of yogurt (1 can of yogurt) or 100ml of liquid milk (half a cup of milk).

Middle-aged people (aged 50 - 69): It is recommended to use 3.5 units of milk and dairy products per day; for example, each day they can have 15 grams of cheese (1 piece of cheese), 100ml of yogurt (1 box of yogurt) and 150 ml of liquid milk (half a glass of milk).

Elderly people (over 70): Should use 4 units of milk and dairy products every day.

How to best drink powdered milk?

Drinking milk every day is essential; you can supplement milk at any time you find it most convenient and suitable for your health; listen to your body.

Drinking milk in the morning can help provide Protein and necessary minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamins, etc. easily absorbed in the moment. Or

If you often play sports or do exercises, adding milk immediately after exercises will give your body the amount of carbohydrates, Proteins and Calcium to help your body recover quickly.

Adequate nutrition and activity regime helps you to be healthy, optimistic, and happier.

If you feel like you are full and want to refrain from eating other things, mornings are the best time to drink milk. Conversely, if you always feel bloated after drinking milk, avoid this drink in the morning and drink it at another time. You can also drink milk 30 minutes - 1 hour before going to bed to help you sleep better and deeper. At this time, milk will work as a medicine to calm you, improving sleep quality.

After a day of work, if you want to relax, drink milk at night. Milk contains an Amino Acid known as Tryptophan, which helps the brain secrete Serotonin - a neurotransmitter that creates delight and excitement in humans. Drink warm milk instead of cold milk for better digestion, but if you're used to drinking cold milk and your body is healthy, there's no problem.

The reason for choosing Dr.Luxia Bone for young adults in Vietnam

Dr.Luxia Bone is a specialized formula milk line in the dairy industry according to the standards of ABS - QE USA. Dr. Luxia Bone specifically supports joint cartilage protection and prevents osteoporosis.

In our country, osteoarthritis is now quite common, and anyone can have osteoarthritis. Especially osteoporosis and degenerative articular cartilage. However, nutritional problems regarding the care of bones and joints are often ignored or accidentally forgotten. Understanding this, Dr.Luxia Bone was born with Procare Bone Formula combining essential nutrients for bone and joint protection.

Formula milk is really necessary for young adults in Vietnam.

With Glucosamine and Mercury Collagen type 2, Dr. Luxia Bone will provide the body with a nutrient system that supports joint cartilage health. At the same time, vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin K2, Calcium and Vitamin D3 help form and maintain strong bones and teeth in adults. In particular, the products are manufactured at factories which are quality-guaranteed by ABS - QE, USA.

The combination of the Vitamin K2, Calcium and Vitamin D3 trio in Dr.Luxia Bone is effective for bone metabolism and helps the body to use the good supply of Calcium to form and keep the bone system steady.

In addition, Vitamin K2 will help prevent Calcium deposits in arteries, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Soluble fiber FOS/Inulin supports digestive system’s activities, maintains peristalsis, helps prevent constipation, etc.

Thus, not only playing an important role in bone and joint protection - the framework to support the body and perform vital functions such as walking, standing, moving –, the specialized formula milk for adults from 19 and older Dr.Luxia Bone also plays an important role in supporting cardiovascular health, weight control, constipation prevention, etc.

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