• High enegy
  • High quality protein
  • Contain MUFA and PUFA which is good for cardiovascular system
  • 28 vitamins and minerals

Dr. Zurik Sure supplies high calories (1ml supply 1kcal) containing high quality protein, suitable for elder people, hard-to-eat people and especially patients recovering, strengthen health and consitution. Product supplying full nutrient system included 28 vitamins and essential minerals, helps strengthen health; support digestive system with FOS/Inulin. Besides, polyunsaturated fatty acid MUFA, PUFA combines with Vitamin K2 help to keep blood pressure at the same place, decrease amount of cholesterol and lessen the danger of cardiovascular pathology.
Dr. Zurik Sure doesnt contain Gluten, no Lactose, level of Cholesterol is low.

Especially, product was produced by quality management system ISO 9001, certified by ABS - QE USA.

  • Dr.Zurik Sure
    can 400g

Trao đổi trực tiếp cùng chuyên gia dinh dưỡng của US Cali để có giải pháp hữu ích và thiết thực nhất cho tình trạng sức khỏe bé yêu.