• Support immune system, strengthen defense
  • Support to develop brain
  • Help to eat well, grow up and develop logically
  • Support digestive system

The first growth spurt of children is the most important period. In this period, brain and constitution of children will grow outstandingly, that's why children need a strong body from inside. Understand that, Dr. Zurik Colostrum supply Colostrum ingredient, add natural antibody IgG. Especially, Dr.Zurik Colostrum add DHA content, with Taurin, Lurein, Cholin and others essential nutrilites to respond the recommendation of WHO/FAO,support to grow brain development and vision. Besides, Calcium, group of B Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Zinc, Phosphorus, magnesium help children to eat well adn gain weight, enhance height.

Factory's quality management system ISO 9001 is proven by ABS - QE USA.

Support immune system,
strengthen resistance

Support to develop
the brain

Support to eat well,
grow up and develop logically

disgestive system


Formula (lactose, vegetable oil (coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, canola oil), demineralized whey protein, no sugar milk powder, condensed whey protein, trisoldium citrat, kali clorua, calcium cacbonate, magnesium hydro phosphate, tricalcium phospahte, magnesium sunfate, mangan sunfate, kali iodua, soldium selenit, soldium ascorbat, dl-alpha tocopherol acetat, retinyl axetat, niacin, vitamin D3, calcium D-pantothenat, biotin, vitamin K1, acid folic, thiamin hydrochloride, vitamin B12, pyridoxin hydrochloride, riboflavin, cholin, mixture of concentrated tocopherol , L-carnitin),colostrum (4,3%), dietery fiber (FOS/ Inulin), vitamin và minerals (dikali hydro phosphate, disoldium hydro phosphate, soldium clorua, magnesium oxit, iron pyrophotphat, zinc sunfate, copper sulfate, thiamin mononitrat), acid arachidonic (ARA), acid docosahexaenoic (DHA) from fish oil, whey protein which rich in alpha lactalbumin, inositol, cholin, lutein, taurin.
Milk included. Maybe soy included.

1. Wash hand by soap before making
2. Wash tools carefully and boil in 5 mins.
3. Boil water within 5 minutes and leave it cool down to 50 ºC.
4. Making according to the guideline book and available spoon inside the can.
5. Stir or shake until completely dissolved..
6. Drip some milk on wrist to check the heat, if it is warm enough, let children drink immediately.

Standard: 1 spoon (estimated 4,3g) with 30ml water.

Notice: Dont reuse the excess milk. Use immediately after making.

Maintenance guide:
Close the cover lid carefully and keep in dry place, stay away from direct sunshine, not keeping in the fridge too long. Best using before expired date and completely using 1 month after the opening date.