Support to digest healthily,
easy to absorb nutritions:

  • Easy to tolerate and absorb
  • Support for healthy digestive system
  • Support to strengthen immune system
  • Support to enhance height and gain weight
  • Support for brain development

Goatcare with balanced nutrient system containing essential vitamin and mineral concentrations, helps children to enhance height,gain weight, easily tolerate nutritions and well digests. Besides, the component that are special nutrients, help the development of children's vision and brain, support to strengthen immune system also. Children will enjoy playing perfectly and energectically.

Factory's quality management system ISO 9001 is proven by ABS - QE USA

  • Dr.Luxia GoatCare 1
    (0 - 12 months) - can 800g
  • Dr.Luxia GoatCare 1
    (0 - 12 months) - can 400g
  • Dr.Luxia GoatCare 2
    (1 - 2 years) - can 800g
  • Dr.Luxia GoatCare 2
    (1 - 2 years) - can 400g
  • Dr.Luxia GoatCare 3
    (Over 2 years) - can 800g

Trao đổi trực tiếp cùng chuyên gia dinh dưỡng của US Cali để có giải pháp hữu ích và thiết thực nhất cho tình trạng sức khỏe bé yêu.