Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong

10/04/2019 | 11:12 AM

Hi Doctor! My kid is 2 and a half and is very anorexic. I have him drink NutiFood which is especially for anorexic kids. My kid has gained a bit of weight but is anorexic still. May I ask what nutritional regime such as how much meat, fish, egg, etc. is considered to be enough for children at my kid’s age? For example, each meal, I only feed him a tablespoon of minced meat and fish, a tablespoon of vegetables and a small bowl of rice. Does it provide enough energy for my kid?

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Hello there!

If you child only eats a small bowl of serving, a tablespoon of minced meat and fish along with a tablespoon of vegetables each meal, it is much lacking compared to the standards. Your kid needs twice the amount you mentioned; moreover, you also have to add 10 ml of oil into each meal. If your child doesn’t eat much in one meal, increase the number of meals. You should not prolong his meal for too long; if your child eats in more than 30 minutes without wanting to eat anymore, you should replace the dish with another, or give your child a complementary meal to compensate for the loss. Anorexia is a long-term problem for your child, so check with your pediatrician or dietitian to find out what causes anorexia to help your child overcome it! Sincere greetings to you!

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